Why keep the light on if you’re not in the room?

Hello all, before I officially start my post for today, can I just ask one quick question?: Say you’re in a room, and you have a light on, and you then leave the room, why do you keep the lights on? Is it just me that switches them off? Did I miss the memo about keeping your lights on or something? Anyway, I’m digressing now…

So, today I had a lesson about developing our own personal statements…and I am going to be awfully kind, and help you become a more environmentally friendly person, which is a great thing to put down on these sort of documents!

Now I know, it’s hard, remembering these things, because we’re humans and we get preoccupied, and sometimes, (only sometimes) procrastinate, but you know…it’s only the potential end of the planet that we’re dealing with…so by all means continue watching the Eastenders episode that you missed last night.

But for those of you who care about the wonderful planet we live on, here are a few top tips on becoming more eco-friendly:

  • Walk. And I know, that requires the actual moving of muscles…but if ten of you walk to work this week, that is ten people who have raised their metabolism slightly, but more importantly, that’s 10 less gas pumping vehicles on the roads  polluting our atmosphere.
  • Don’t buy plastic water bottles. And I know, they’re really handy to have around, but they have such a large carbon footprint! And, I know this would be a pain, but even going for water bottles with less packaging, or reusing and empty one is a better solution. Or buying glass water bottles 1 day a week instead of plastic. Fun fact for you, plastic is made from oil. It will probably be made in a country which is foreign to yours…meaning it has to get into your hands somehow…and that is by a gas emitting machine.
  • Recycle! Recycling is a wonderful thing which is so useful! Why throw a plastic bottle away, when it could literally be made into a brand new jumper! And you could even walk to do the recycling!
  • Conserve water! We in MEDC countries take water so for granted! We just have to turn a tap on and it appears. Others however, have to walk miles a day to reach water, which isn’t even clean. I am not trying to guilt trip you, I am simply trying to make you realise how fortunate you and I are. So, turn the tap off whilst you’re brushing your teeth, or take shorter showers! Every little bit counts.

We may think these things will be useless, but a small thing can go a big way if a large amount of people do it!

Now, if you’re not fed up with me, check my blog next Monday, which will be titled: ‘Deficit vs. the end of the world.’



Why I started ‘conservationgirl’.

I started ‘conservationgirl’ because I found out that just talking to people none stop about how much this planet needs us, wasn’t really working.

Whenever I  brought up the topic of global warming, people would always snigger, and be like, ‘Oh, here she goes again’…but honestly, I don’t understand why?

Don’t people care about the planet we live on?

Now, this blog isn’t just going to be a place for me to rant at people about why this planet is literally dying beneath our feet…it’ll also be a place where I can give you easy lifestyle changes, to help you become a more environmentally friendly person.

As some of you would view making the slightest changes to your life a big pain, here is a statistic for you:

By 2100, the average global temperature is expected to rise by 5.8 degrees Celsius. Now, this may not seem like a lot, but for places like the Greenlandic Ice Shelf, this is literally a life or death situation. Following on from this, some of you may be thinking, ‘Oh what’s one loss of an Ice Shelf going to do to us’…and the answer is a lot! Well, for a starter, England is going to get a lot colder. The warm currents giving us, well, decent summers, will be diluted by cold fresh water, meaning more rainy days for Britain! Oh, and another thing, we’ll only lose half of Bangladesh, but that’s not a big problem is it?

What about the already vulnerable countries in Central Africa…temperatures are expected to rise by 7 degrees Celsius. As a result, agriculture will decrease, water resources will decrease, and the spread of airborne diseases will increase. That’s just what they need isn’t it?!

People have to understand that the things we do daily have a massive impact on other, less fortunate areas around the world. Just because we can’t see it with our own eyes, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Now hopefully, what I have written here would have had some sort of an impact on you. So, come to my blog on Thursday, to find out some awesome ways in which we can save the planet!